Lilly Singh and Success

Often in following the footsteps of excellence, people look to CEO’s and other high ranking people in business. But inspiration can come from many places, including the internet. Lilly Singh, known as Superwoman, is a YouTube personality with over 7 million subscribers and has received over a billion views on her videos.  Tony Robbins said, “Success leaves clues.” Here are lessons we can learn from Lilly Singh to apply to our own lives.

  1. Hold those around you to a high standard and have them do the same to you. Lilly often co-works with other YouTube personalities, and together they push each other to get things done and reach their goals.
  2. Work at times where you are more productive and can get in a flow. Lilly often works until 4 or 5 in the morning, finding flow in the middle of the night, and sleeps into the next afternoon. Despite what many morning people may say, you don’t have to write a novel and run a marathon before 9am to be successful. Although not everyone has that flexible of a schedule, you can shift work around to be more efficient.
  3. Do work upfront that saves you time later. Lilly talks about doing things today that your future self will thank you for. Similarly, Ramit Sethi talks about front-loading work, meaning taking on as much of a task early on to create opportunity later. Setting up automated systems may be hard at first, but they have huge returns in the long term.
  4. Attack your problems head on instead of expecting them to go away. Lilly discusses this in a comedy video, but the point is still 100 percent true. While many people let problems linger for months or even years, extremely successful individuals know their priorities and take the right action to reach their goals.
  5. Study the greats of whatever field you are in. Lilly talks about how she can’t even watch a show without studying the camera work and artistic vision of the director. There are so many lessons out there to be learned from successful people, and an example of that is Lewis Howes and The School of Greatness.

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

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