Sell Yourself

On a scale of 1 to 10 of hip-hop artists, the New Boyz would be negative 100. No one will be confusing the duo, consisting of Legacy and Ben J, with Tupac anytime soon. But a line from their song “So Dope” caught my attention as something relevant to all of us. Legacy raps,

“Always asking how I get my wealth/Cause I’m dope and a dealer I sell myself.”

Legacy is talking about dealing drugs, but the message remains. In life, you are your own dope and dealer at the same time. Those two parts, ability and selling that ability, are part of everyone. And you need to sell yourself every day, not just when you’re looking for a new job or an investor.

As someone once said to me, “You can’t build a roof when it’s raining.” You need to have your networks, skills, and pitch before you’re in an urgent situation, by then it’s too late. Now is the time. That’s the reason I’m investing in my writing. My writing ability is far from perfect now, but I’m getting through my mistakes now so that I’m ready for when it really matters. That may be in a year or 10 years, but whenever it is, I’ll have the practice and be ready to seize the moment.

There is no substitute for repetitions, for putting in the hours. Have a good weekend; another data analysis post is coming soon.